Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recent Development

Let me start off by saying that Harper is, 99% of the time, a really good, really happy baby.  But lately I feel like the only thing I say to her is "NO" or I'm taking things away from her or pulling her off of things.  In essence, I have been feeling like a horrible momma.  She's into pinching (hard, tiny pinches), biting, pulling hair, throwing tantrums (rocking her whole body and throwing herself around), laughing and looking at me when she's touching something she's not supposed to (i.e., chords, dog bowls, laptop keys), and yelling at me ( she goes into a string of "eye, eee, eye, eee, eye, yi, yi, eye....!").   And if you don't pick her up Right when she wants you to, she gets angry REALQUICK.  She is also very difficult to photograph.  This is the meat of my post, dear readers.  Here is where I post the not-so-great-but-the-only-photos-I-get pictures.

Pretty blue eyes

As she usually is...attached to Momma (that's my knee by the way)

And so, for everyone who keeps asking where new pictures of Harper are, there's your answer.  No more smiles for the camera.  No more sitting still for pictures.  I swear I take pictures of her quite often.  But the pictures I get are more for me (I like blurry ones!).  I figure these are the type of pictures only a momma could love!  Oh, and I promise I didn't just let her stand there and cry while I took a bunch of pictures of her.  That's just Harper getting mad because she couldn't have the camera.  All she wanted to do was eat the lens cap.

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