Friday, November 18, 2011

From My Phone

Just a few pictures and a video from the past two weeks.  I've several other videos that I will be posting soon!  Enjoy...
Curling up with Daddy
Harper has a new love of coloring

Her mornings
Fall = comfy pants and boots.
Organization.  And finally finishing a project.

Colts game (and the obnoxious meatheads in front of us)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

19 Months

On Saturday Harper turned 19 months.  We are now on the latter side of one, pushing towards two.  This past month has been exciting as far as her development goes.  

- She can count to two (two days ago she even did "two" with her fingers.  I was more excited than she was!)
- She is putting small sentences together..."Get down, Macie!" "Stand-y up!" "Move on back!"
- She is into tattling.  She says, "Mooooma!" and then proceeds to explain what the offender did to her.  Always with a look of indignation on her face.  It's too cute.  For now.
- She loves to throw things away.  This is good and bad.  She will empty her plate in the trash or throw things away into the proper receptacle.  But sometimes things end up in the toilet.

- She has pretty good manners.  She says "Thank you, momma!" for lots of things.  Getting her to say "Please" usually takes prompting, but not always.  Sometimes she even says, " 'cuse me!" especially if she burps.
- It's usually very easy to get her to go to sleep at night.  We lay down in bed, she rustles around until she gets comfy, and then she either plays with my hand, collar bone, or arm until she passes out.  Naps aren't usually this nice.  2/10 times she'll fall asleep without me rocking her.  9/10 times she'll fall asleep on the way home from lunch or errand running.  The rest of the time I end up rocking and patting her butt.  This is super tough now.  Usually she just wants to stare around and not sleep which leads to a very frustrated me.
- She is OBSESSED with Elmo.  And that is an understatement.  It's also super annoying, but also helpful if I want to use the bathroom alone or do homework.

- Dancing, singing, and reading books are still some of her favorite things.
- She knows how to work my iPhone better than me.  True story.
- She loves -dolls
                 - jewelry
                 - dogs
                 - chocolate
                 - outside
                 - noodles
                 - cheese
                 - climbing
                 - baths
                 - shoes
                 - babies
This age is absolutely wonderful and challenging and funny.  She loves to make people laugh and she loves to get attention.  She's hard-headed and strong willed and very independent.  But she still has those moments that are baby-like and completely dependent.  It's been completely amazing to watch her develop new skills and awareness each day.  I'm so lucky to have this sweet little girl.