Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Now that we're back home, we're adjusting to our new schedule of work, school, and house stuff.  We have less hours in the day to get things done and enjoy ourselves, but slowly we're making it work.  If the last post didn't bored you enough with pictures, this one might!  But after this I should be caught up on pictures for now!

She always says, "I'm cold and wet!" when she gets out of the tub

On a train ride at the park

All the cousins together

We got our nails done :)

Reading at the bookstore

Eggs from our chickens (they are brown, green, and blue) in my new
egg basket from Pottery Barn

Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer 2012 Vacation Part 2

The second half of our trip had us all over the place.  We flew from Indy to Phoenix to meet up with Grandma Robin and Grandpa Eddie.  After eating breakfast we headed out on the road and decided to stop overnight in Las Vegas on our way to Merced, California.  We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel where I did not gamble or walk The Strip.  We ate dinner and walked around the big hotel before going to bed (three hour time difference is crazy!).  Wade and Eddie gambled and lost.  The next day we headed out to California.  We visited Wade's aunt and uncle's families, visited a petting zoo and play ground, ate some more, and went to a ginormous family reunion at their family's almond orchard? farm?  Anyway, there were a lot of people, a lot of a food, and a lot of delicious candied almonds that I almost stuffed in my purse to bring home with me.

Be prepared: loads of pictures ahead!

Airplane ride to Phoenix

Incoming storm

At the Hoover Dam

Dinner at Hard Rock Hotel . . . only family picture where we are all looking at the camera
and it turned out blurry

Lots and lots of desert

Entering Yosmite

Lucky Daddy got to carry Harper all around the park

Climbing a trail

Harper wanted to climb on all the rocks.  There are a lot of rocks
at Yosmite, in case you didn't know

FREEZING water that I couldn't believe she played in

Views from Glacier Point

Whenever Harper and Wade try to take a picture together, she refuses
to look at the camera.  This was the best shot.

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Feeding animals with daddy

See what I mean?  Pinching daddy's neck at the family reunion

She refused to get off this thing

Lots and lots of almonds

Making ice cream

Eating Japanese noodles at the airport

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer 2012 Vacation Part I

The first week and a half or so of our trip was spent in Vermont.  The weather was really quite perfect while we were there (here at home we were in the triple digits and in the middle of a drought).  We attended Wade's grandfather's celebration of life event, went to Burlington, swam in the lake a bit, ate a lot, and went to dinner and a drive-in movie to celebrate Sarah's birthday/graduation of high school.  It was a nice, relaxing vacation to say the least!

On our way to grandpa's service.

"Cool, dude!"

Add caption

Finding rocks with Grandma Robin


Eating some Chinese

and some ice cream

It was such good weather that we had to go to the park

At the drive-in with daddy to see The Dark Knight Rises
Apparently, even though we were in Vermont longer than any other place in our vacation, I took the least amount of photos.  Mostly because we go there every year, but still.  I forgot my camera when we left to go to grandpa Eldon's service so I didn't get any pictures with family.  I actually took a lot more pictures, but they're pretty redundant.  And as you can see, I'm not in any of these.  All the one I took with Harper aren't very good.  ANYWAY, the next update will have the second half of our trip!  I know you're thrilled . . .