Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Slowly Transitioning

As I stated before, we're slowly transitioning to a more whole foods diet.  I read Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food last weekend (so much good information and a quick read = excellent book) and reevaluated what we were eating.  This lead me to purge almost all of our processed foods by giving them to people who wanted them (my brother and cousin took some, the rest I donated which I'm not exactly happy that I gave my processed food to other people, but they were content with it I guess).  I say almost all of it because Wade kept his soups, tuna fish, and some crackers that he likes and can finish up on his next work rotation.  We also kept some bread, self-rising, all-purpose, and cake flour, white and brown just because you never know.  We might really be craving something not-so healthy, but in moderation (like serious moderation) I think that's just fine.  So here are some pictures to show you what's been going on:

The food that we got rid of.  A lot of food (obviously not what we gave away) had just been sitting in our kitchen for a long time.

The food that I bought at Trader Joe's
Our pantry after shopping and cleaning it out.

Our fridge after shopping and cleaning.

Our cabinet after cleaning.  The top shelf has the non-whole foods items, the second shelf has a mixture (the mac n cheeses to the left are a bit questionable, but okay in a pinch.  The bread crumbs actually have homemade ones in it and the oatmeal can on the right has homemade granola in it.)
No knead whole wheat bread with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and orange zest dipping sauce

After I made smoothies for breakfast one morning, I froze the left overs to make popsicles.
We are by no means perfect at this.  We are just beginning.  Each day is a new day at this and some days we struggle more than others.  But the more processed foods we cut out and the more real foods we eat is better than before!

Monday, January 30, 2012


We had a very nice, spring-like day on Friday afternoon.  Harper and I spent the better part of the afternoon outside after running errands all morning.  It was so nice to get outside in the sun!

Minus all the dog poo in the swing set area and on our shoes, it was awesome.  If only it would stay this nice all winter!

Friday, January 27, 2012

21 Months (and counting)

Harper is quickly approaching 22 months, which means (obviously) we are THISCLOSE to TWO YEARS OLD.  She is now talking in 3-4 word sentences (although she can string a ton of her own "words" together and make a whole story or song for you!).  She's independent, feisty, determined, stubborn, sweet, loving, and intelligent.  I know, I know.  I'm biased, but really it's all true.  She's adorable and beautiful and all her own person.  Lately we've begun our passage into the "Terrible Twos" that everyone knows and loves so much (haHA). A majority of her words include "NO" and "MINE."  Getting an almost two year-old to understand sharing and when Momma says "No" Momma means know is, well, frustrating to say the least.  But we're working on it.
Love the cheesy face!

We're also working on potty training, which is still pretty much nonexistent.  Harper will sit on the toilet to brush her teeth, read a book, get her hair combed...pretty much anything except use it for its intended purposes.  Even if I know she needs to go (you know, all those adorable red-faced, breath holding visual cues kids give?) and I put her on the potty, she'll hold it until she's back in a diaper or roaming the house naked.  Thankfully, I'm not easily put off by small human bodily functions.
Yogurt eggs...yum

As always, she still loves music and singing and dancing.  Her favorites include: The Wheels on the Bus (still!), You Are My Sunshine, anything with Choo-Choo trains, Rock-A-Bye Baby, Hush Little Baby, and some other little jingles that we make up.  She is also into her ABCs. She basically just says the sounds she hears, but she definitely gets inflection in her voice while singing.  She is also really into make-believe stories and playing.  She loves to hear "The Three Little Pigs" and "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."  She also like to hide under blankets and pretend there are fairies flying fast and slow, high and low (this is something we do at night that wears her out and then calms her down a bit).
She still loves playing with our dogs, too.  She's into taking them for a walk, or leading them to their water dish to drink, or helping to feed them (scooping out their food and carrying their dishes to them).  She also loves to climb, sit, roll, ride, and pinch their (ahem) nipples.
She's a really good eater and will scarf down just about anything you put in front of her.  She loves broccoli, carrots, yogurt, nuts, raisins, dried cherries, just about all fruit but oranges, cheeses, noodles, and, of course, milk.
A lot of the pictures of Harper since she's become increasingly more mobile (i.e., running) are with her in her high chair because it's the only place where she's still for a least the 4 seconds it takes to snap a picture.

She has also hit a silly stage: trying to make us laugh, doing silly faces, getting us to make her laugh.  This has really been a big highlight of this age.
Her latest silly face that we call "Crazy Eyes"

Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting a Little Real

I have been reading this blog about trying to incorporate more "real foods" into our diet and eliminating processed foods.  I have been working on this for awhile, especially when it comes to organic foods, but the information she provides on her blog have helped to expand my knowledge on the subject even more.  I don't want to change the atmosphere and topic of this blog.  Afterall, this is something that I do for Harper.  But I would like to share some of the recipes I try and the things I buy.  We are starting a new budget next week and I am going to attempt to do our own little challenge; hopefully one that will become habit for us.  I would like to include this on my blog because what I am doing affects Harper and I do this kind of thing out of love for her.  Plus, if there is anyone else out there that is interested or is doing the same thing, perhaps this might be informative or it might spur them to make similar changes.  I'm reading Michael Pollan's book In Defense of Food right now since that is where the "100 Days of Real Food" challenge came about.  I think my including this in my blog I will be able to write more frequently as well.  I do take pictures of Harper, but not as often as I used to.  I take videos more now since she doesn't sit still for very long!  I'll have to update you all on what she has been up to.  Let me just say that even though I may be biased, I think she could win a "Cutest Kid" contest with her pigtails and her singing her ABCs!

Here are some pictures of our groceries and food as of late:
The items on the left(apple sauce, PB, nuts, unsweetened coconut, and yeast) were not local items, but the items on the right (milk, eggs, chicken, and honey) were all from Indiana.  Unfortunately I didn't have my frequent shopper's card, but it broke down like this:
Organic Applesauce: $3.55
Almonds: $ 1.56
Walnuts: $1.99
Yeast: $2.55
Chicken: $5.74
Natural PB: $4.75
Unsweetened shredded coconut: $4.49
Organic eggs: $3.99
Organic milk: $4.49
Local honey: $5.75
Total: (after a $.55 discount on the nuts) $38.31
Delicious homemade eggsalad, organic stone wheat crackers, and organic celery
Homemade chewy granola bars.  Seriously people, these are ridiculously easy to make and really good!
 (recipe here)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012

There was a lot of rushing, to-do lists, company, writing, and then, finally, relaxing towards the end of our 2011.  It was sad to watch it end.  So much happened last year and I felt like it sped by so very quickly.  But this is going to be a good year: finishing grad school(!), a half-marathon that I'm hoping to run, a certain someone turning T-W-O, possibly going on vacation in October.  At times it seems ridiculous of fast everything flies by, but that's all the more reason for me to keep up on this blog.  I make no promises, though, as my Master's paper (a whopping 60-80 pages) is looming over me.  I'll do what I can to keep you all updated when I can.  And thank you all for reading.  If it wasn't for all of your lovely and supportive comments, I might have just given up on this space long ago.  Enjoy these little nuggets of frozen time from last month or so.  Happy New Year to all of you!
Our tree prior to cutting it down

Picking out trees with Uncle Parker and Hayden

Meeting Santa at Rose-Hulman

Our Christmas Tree before it fell
...and after

Bubbles and water are a great way to spend the afternoon

Her favorite Christmas toy, Bitty Baby

The Lockerby's (Harper's all "Heeeey"

Playing at the mall

Eating her first snow