Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Slowly Transitioning

As I stated before, we're slowly transitioning to a more whole foods diet.  I read Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food last weekend (so much good information and a quick read = excellent book) and reevaluated what we were eating.  This lead me to purge almost all of our processed foods by giving them to people who wanted them (my brother and cousin took some, the rest I donated which I'm not exactly happy that I gave my processed food to other people, but they were content with it I guess).  I say almost all of it because Wade kept his soups, tuna fish, and some crackers that he likes and can finish up on his next work rotation.  We also kept some bread, self-rising, all-purpose, and cake flour, white and brown just because you never know.  We might really be craving something not-so healthy, but in moderation (like serious moderation) I think that's just fine.  So here are some pictures to show you what's been going on:

The food that we got rid of.  A lot of food (obviously not what we gave away) had just been sitting in our kitchen for a long time.

The food that I bought at Trader Joe's
Our pantry after shopping and cleaning it out.

Our fridge after shopping and cleaning.

Our cabinet after cleaning.  The top shelf has the non-whole foods items, the second shelf has a mixture (the mac n cheeses to the left are a bit questionable, but okay in a pinch.  The bread crumbs actually have homemade ones in it and the oatmeal can on the right has homemade granola in it.)
No knead whole wheat bread with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and orange zest dipping sauce

After I made smoothies for breakfast one morning, I froze the left overs to make popsicles.
We are by no means perfect at this.  We are just beginning.  Each day is a new day at this and some days we struggle more than others.  But the more processed foods we cut out and the more real foods we eat is better than before!

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