Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eye Ub Eww!

While it's still a struggle sometimes to understand Harper, she has come leaps and bounds from where she was even a few short months ago.  Some days she amazes me with how much she actually knows.  For example, I sneezed the other day and she called out, "BESS YOU, MOMMY!"  She's also good with her manners about 75-80%.  
Playing outside on one of our many unseasonably warm days.

She says please, thank you, excuse me, you're welcome, I sorry.  She also recently started saying how things make her feel: scared, sad, tired, happy, silly.  She even does facial expressions for each one.   Within the past few days she has started to say I want this or I don't want it.  
Valentine's Day.  She looked super adorable!

And my most favorite of all, "I love you!" or, as the title says, "EYE UB EWWW!"  At first I thought she was saying emu, but slowly I figured out what she meant and she has started annunciating even better each time she says it.  It really makes me swoon every time she says it!  This is such an exciting and downright fun age.

Getting ready to go eat with Mimi and Papa

On another note, we are leaving for about 6 days to go to California.  We'll be going to the San Diego Zoo (where we will hopefully be meeting up with a fellow blogger!), going to the beach, and even stopping by Disneyland for a couple of days before we head home!  I'm really excited for this trip!  I've never been past Missouri so this should be a really good time.  Cross your fingers that the plane rides are smooth and incident-free!