Thursday, November 8, 2012


being sick has advantages of mismatch jammies and eating only the marshmallows from cereal (once again)

Harper and I are sick with the nasty flu.  It's painful and draining.  I am doing what I can to feel better before I leave for DC tomorrow(!!).  I need us both better by then!  I had to take a sick day yesterday and we literally stayed in bed all day.  I watched half of the first season of The Good Wife(!) while Harper watched Curious George.  We did quite a bit of sleeping and ingesting of medicine (which I hate more than anything.  Ask Wade.  It takes a lot for me to take medicine when I'm sick unless I absolutely need it).  I made it to work today so that is promising.  My brain is still a bit foggy so nothing clever for this post, I'm sorry to disappoint.  But I will leave you with this little gem:
ugly socks, ugly pants, ugly mismatched sheets (i suck at laundry).  but they are all ridiculously comfy. BTW that's Arthur playing on the outdated TV that I lost the remote to and can't turn off the closed-captioning

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Harper has such a way with words lately.  (And mixing up words).  I seriously treat her like a little adult most of the time.  I talk to her like she seriously understands more than her short 2 years on earth allows her.  She usually just response with whatever is on her mind at the time, but whatevs.  We have good conversations anyway.  I have had people tell me that she speaks really well for her age and that she articulates well.  Of course she does.  She is my kid.

she LOVED being a ballerina for Halloween

However, there are some things she says that warrant being recorded for posterity.  (I know I've done a post like this one before, but deal with it).


1.) "He/She/It's driving my nuts!"  She confuses words at times, just mimicking what someone has said.  Like when I ask her something like, "Are you having fun?"  she responds with "I are!"  To which I sometimes say "Am you having fun?"  just so she'll say "I am!"  Damn OCD-grammar-nazi-mom.

2.) Sometimes she mispronounces words or her little voice makes words sound different.  Most notably, we were at the mall with Mimi and Papa checking out when she turned to me and said, "Stop it, knocker!"  Only it came out sounding like the N-word.  No joke.  We all, including the sales lady, stopped in our tracks.  I asked her what she called me and she said it again.  And again it sounded like the N-word.  I nervously said aloud, "I think she's calling me a knocker hahahahah" just to diffuse the tension.  But the sales lady took the cake when she said, "Well it sounded like she said n****r!"  OMFG seriously lady???  So I didn't feel like the world's most embarrassed mother.  Some people just really don't think before they speak. Aye yi yi.

drinkin' choc milk with a spunky attitude

3.) She calls Christmas trees Christmas "treats."  Not sure why she does, but I love it.  

4.)  She calls her tooth brush a "brush teeth."

5.) She says, "Sure, no problem!"  about anything.  "Do you want some food?"  "Did you have fun?"

It's funny because you can always tell that her little brain is just absorbing and learning all.the.time.  It's so ridiculously cute when she's searching for just the right word but can't remember it.  And I feel awe-struck sometimes by what she does remember.  Of course, my brain is fried at the moment so I can't give a precise example.  Just trust me. My kid is amazing and brilliant and the cutest you'll ever meet.  

And that's the truth.

bedtime smiles

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not a Fashion Blog.

grr for blurry pics! that's what i get for dropping my phone and hahahaha I made my mom take this pic in her office

Would any of you stop reading this if I started posting pictures of myself in my work clothes?  I swear it won't turn into a fashion blog bc, well, let's be honest here, folks.  I am not particularly fashion-savvy.  This is just a way for me to see what works and what doesn't, maybe get a little feedback (hint hint).  Let's not be too too critical, shall we?  Although, I'm putting it out there for all to see so maybe I should shut up.  DON'T WORRY.  There will still be PLENTY o'Harper on here.  TRUST ME.  Because we all know she is infinitely better looking than I am.  True story.

Now . . . GO VOTE!  I already did. 

shut up, C.  nerd.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Bliss.

This was one of those laid-back weekends that you never want to end.  le sigh.

So, what did we do?

Grocery shopping (always exciting).  Ate at Q'doba for the first time (delicious!). Dinner and a movie with friends (watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer for the third time).  Woke up at 7:54am on Sunday due to the damn time change, but subsequently got the entire house cleaned by 12:40pm.  Nice.  Family dinner followed by Dexter and The Walking Dead (OMG OMG anyone else watch this????  I was in near tears for the last 10 minutes!!!)

Our weekend in pictures:
Harper ate all the marshmallows. Def my kid.
Got nostalgic about my wedding dress. I could wear it everyday, seriously.
Pic is dark bc she wouldn't leave the curtains alone, but she wanted  to wear my wedding heels.  Look at the butt cheek!
ARG dark pictures.  Sleepy eyes
Just being all beautiful.  No big deal.
Firefighter with a dirty face.
Seriously terrible quality but super sweet <3 br="br">
I swear I lightened this pic.  But she has a hilar double chin, yet she looks good.  Not fair.