Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Bliss.

This was one of those laid-back weekends that you never want to end.  le sigh.

So, what did we do?

Grocery shopping (always exciting).  Ate at Q'doba for the first time (delicious!). Dinner and a movie with friends (watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer for the third time).  Woke up at 7:54am on Sunday due to the damn time change, but subsequently got the entire house cleaned by 12:40pm.  Nice.  Family dinner followed by Dexter and The Walking Dead (OMG OMG anyone else watch this????  I was in near tears for the last 10 minutes!!!)

Our weekend in pictures:
Harper ate all the marshmallows. Def my kid.
Got nostalgic about my wedding dress. I could wear it everyday, seriously.
Pic is dark bc she wouldn't leave the curtains alone, but she wanted  to wear my wedding heels.  Look at the butt cheek!
ARG dark pictures.  Sleepy eyes
Just being all beautiful.  No big deal.
Firefighter with a dirty face.
Seriously terrible quality but super sweet <3 br="br">
I swear I lightened this pic.  But she has a hilar double chin, yet she looks good.  Not fair.

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