Thursday, November 8, 2012


being sick has advantages of mismatch jammies and eating only the marshmallows from cereal (once again)

Harper and I are sick with the nasty flu.  It's painful and draining.  I am doing what I can to feel better before I leave for DC tomorrow(!!).  I need us both better by then!  I had to take a sick day yesterday and we literally stayed in bed all day.  I watched half of the first season of The Good Wife(!) while Harper watched Curious George.  We did quite a bit of sleeping and ingesting of medicine (which I hate more than anything.  Ask Wade.  It takes a lot for me to take medicine when I'm sick unless I absolutely need it).  I made it to work today so that is promising.  My brain is still a bit foggy so nothing clever for this post, I'm sorry to disappoint.  But I will leave you with this little gem:
ugly socks, ugly pants, ugly mismatched sheets (i suck at laundry).  but they are all ridiculously comfy. BTW that's Arthur playing on the outdated TV that I lost the remote to and can't turn off the closed-captioning


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