Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Harper has such a way with words lately.  (And mixing up words).  I seriously treat her like a little adult most of the time.  I talk to her like she seriously understands more than her short 2 years on earth allows her.  She usually just response with whatever is on her mind at the time, but whatevs.  We have good conversations anyway.  I have had people tell me that she speaks really well for her age and that she articulates well.  Of course she does.  She is my kid.

she LOVED being a ballerina for Halloween

However, there are some things she says that warrant being recorded for posterity.  (I know I've done a post like this one before, but deal with it).


1.) "He/She/It's driving my nuts!"  She confuses words at times, just mimicking what someone has said.  Like when I ask her something like, "Are you having fun?"  she responds with "I are!"  To which I sometimes say "Am you having fun?"  just so she'll say "I am!"  Damn OCD-grammar-nazi-mom.

2.) Sometimes she mispronounces words or her little voice makes words sound different.  Most notably, we were at the mall with Mimi and Papa checking out when she turned to me and said, "Stop it, knocker!"  Only it came out sounding like the N-word.  No joke.  We all, including the sales lady, stopped in our tracks.  I asked her what she called me and she said it again.  And again it sounded like the N-word.  I nervously said aloud, "I think she's calling me a knocker hahahahah" just to diffuse the tension.  But the sales lady took the cake when she said, "Well it sounded like she said n****r!"  OMFG seriously lady???  So I didn't feel like the world's most embarrassed mother.  Some people just really don't think before they speak. Aye yi yi.

drinkin' choc milk with a spunky attitude

3.) She calls Christmas trees Christmas "treats."  Not sure why she does, but I love it.  

4.)  She calls her tooth brush a "brush teeth."

5.) She says, "Sure, no problem!"  about anything.  "Do you want some food?"  "Did you have fun?"

It's funny because you can always tell that her little brain is just absorbing and learning all.the.time.  It's so ridiculously cute when she's searching for just the right word but can't remember it.  And I feel awe-struck sometimes by what she does remember.  Of course, my brain is fried at the moment so I can't give a precise example.  Just trust me. My kid is amazing and brilliant and the cutest you'll ever meet.  

And that's the truth.

bedtime smiles

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