Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012

There was a lot of rushing, to-do lists, company, writing, and then, finally, relaxing towards the end of our 2011.  It was sad to watch it end.  So much happened last year and I felt like it sped by so very quickly.  But this is going to be a good year: finishing grad school(!), a half-marathon that I'm hoping to run, a certain someone turning T-W-O, possibly going on vacation in October.  At times it seems ridiculous of fast everything flies by, but that's all the more reason for me to keep up on this blog.  I make no promises, though, as my Master's paper (a whopping 60-80 pages) is looming over me.  I'll do what I can to keep you all updated when I can.  And thank you all for reading.  If it wasn't for all of your lovely and supportive comments, I might have just given up on this space long ago.  Enjoy these little nuggets of frozen time from last month or so.  Happy New Year to all of you!
Our tree prior to cutting it down

Picking out trees with Uncle Parker and Hayden

Meeting Santa at Rose-Hulman

Our Christmas Tree before it fell
...and after

Bubbles and water are a great way to spend the afternoon

Her favorite Christmas toy, Bitty Baby

The Lockerby's (Harper's all "Heeeey"

Playing at the mall

Eating her first snow


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