Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's September

Yes, I do realize it's September.  No, I did not realize that it's been TWO MONTHS since my last update :(  Way to go, mom!  Sheesh.

Since my last post we have traveled to:

We have now seen Las Vegas, Yosmite National Park, and met A LOT of relatives in California.  It was really a memorable and exciting vacation.  Three weeks of traveling and sight-seeing was a lot, though.  I think we are still recuperating. 

When we returned, I was offered a part-time job so I am officially back in the work force.  It's nice to be social again and meet new people.  I only work 8-noon so I still have plenty of time with Harper.  And housework.  And yard work. But not a lot of time for homework.  People, I am THISCLOSE to finishing my Master's paper and yet I can't seem to just get it done already!  It's a very irritating monkey that I've got clinging to my back.  Soon enough I guess.

So, how's Harper, you might ask.  This kid is AH-MAZING.  She's smart and funny and above and beyond adorable.  She has just had a growth spurt, though, so NONE of her 2T clothes fit and we're into 3Ts!  This growth spurt has been a bit difficult for her emotionally and possibly physically.  Add to that the fact that Mommy isn't home 24/7 and she's been out-of-sorts for the past few weeks.  She had a couple of weeks where she was waking up once or twice crying in the middle of the night.  She's also waking up between 6:30 and 7:30 on most days, which means Daddy isn't getting much sleep (she stays home with him since he works nights).  But since he wanted me to get a job, he's dealing with it, I guess.  Harper has also hit a road block in the potty department.  She was telling us when she needed to go or she was going in there on her own, but she is doing none of that now.  She's hiding more often and going in her diaper and THEN says she needs to go on the potty.  I'm at a loss for what to do?!  Her vocabulary has taken off once again and I can pretty much understand everything she's saying.  She's into gymnastics (after seeing the Olympics), reading chapter books (which we do every night.  We just finished The Boxcar Children and now we're reading The Little House in the Big Woods), watching Rugrats, and anything and everything to do with babies.  She's interested in everything and still loves to play outside (it's still where she's most content).  Bubbles are a must in the bath tub.  She would live on chocolate milk, string cheese, and pickles if we let her.  She's become a much more picker eater, but she still will try just about anything.  She's longing to go to school, which she isn't old enough for yet, but I'm trying to use it to get her to go to the potty (we are looking into a Montessori school near-by for preschool next year).  We are still going to Kindermusic once a week which she is always so excited about.  She really loves trains, cars, planes, and matching games.  She's still sleeping with us, which is still working out for all of us.  Our bedtime routine is bath, jammies, three books, lights out, and then I sing to her for a bit.  Usually she passes out before I'm finished singing.  

Now that I've written a novel, how about some pictures?

In utero, newborn, two years-old: her favorite way to fall asleep.

So pretty :)

I made her make this face.  It's her, "Hey! Don't say that!" face.  A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E.

Eating eggies from our own chickens!

Okay, so I promise on my next post to put up pictures from our trip!  

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