Friday, January 28, 2011

Wintertime and the Livin's Slooow

Harper and I have decided to take it easy today.  No running around.  Very little household chores (minus the laundry I have to work on and any dishes that arise. Oy.)  No, instead today is a day for cooking and baking and possibly some crafting (I started some crafts prior to Christmas for Christmas but ended up getting way too sick to finish them).  On our list to make today:
:: Wade's Chili recipe

:: Amanda's Blueberry Banana Cake

:: These.  Yummy.

::  Possibly even some bread

January and February are quite the long months and there has to be a way to make it through the winter without going crazy with cabin fever, right?  Well, I think eating and crafting our way through it is one way!  Along with some playtime and music, we just might make it to spring!

Also, look what came in the mail today.  Heavenly!  (Nikki McClure for anyone who's interested.  Love her work!)
 Here's my little laundry "helper."

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