Friday, January 14, 2011

Corners from my home

Corners of my home was something Soulemama used to do on her blog.  It's been ages since she has, but I always loved it.  I love seeing a sneak peak into the homes of others, to see where and how they live and decorate.  To see the love, time, and energy in their homes.  So, I thought about sharing some corners from my home and Fridays are generally a low-key day so what better way to end the week?

So this is a corner (literally!) from Harper's room.  This is where we read stories and where I rock her to sleep 99% of the time.

This is a close up of her shelf.  We love bunnies! The drawing on the left in the blue frame is a Christmas present I got her from Tollipop.  The girl in the picture's name is Harper!

This is a close up of her bookcase.  This was built for Wade by his grandfather.  Love!

This is our yard sale rocker.  My mom and I recovered the cushions.  It's a squeaky rocker, but I love it!

What about you?  Anyone else have a corner from their home that they'd like to share?

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