Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ordinary Day

It's a chilly, rainy and rather dark day around here.  Harper and I have spent our time playing, cleaning, and while she naps, I cook (or study for class tonight).  I lit some candles around the house, set Pandora to play some Michael Franti (had never heard him before...pretty good), and we've just had a mellow kind of day.  In a couple of hours I will be in class and Harper will be at Gramie and Grampie's, but for now we are playing, laughing, lounging, and smelling delicious potato soup simmering.  Despite my ever growing cabin fever, I like the feel of slow winter days.

My little chunk getting dressed this morning.

Just a little bit of dishes (from last night, I might add. ahem.)

Some ingredients for potato soup.  Yum!

Final product.

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