Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Christmas

We have been ill with something (stomach flu, cold, strep) for the past two weeks so please forgive the lack of updates.

Our tradition is to spend Christmas Eve at my parent's, then on Christmas we open gifts at home, and then return for a Christmas/my birthday dinner at my parent's.  This year Wade's parents and sister traveled from Vermont to be here for Harper's first Christmas.  It was a really great time and wonderful for her to get to visit with them (Wade and I had such a good time with them, too!).  Unfortunately, my poor baby was sick (and is still sick) with a cold that pretty much zapped all energy from her.  It was unbelievably sad, but I think she had a good time.  We tried to keep presents to a minimum since she's only 9 months and the child wants for nothing.  So she received books, clothes (for our Florida trip in February!), a few toddler toys (stacking toys, puzzles, a crawl ball, etc.), a couple of stuffed animals, and grammie and grampie bought her a spot in a KinderMusic class.  I was trying to help her open her gifts while also opening mine so I didn't get quite as many as I wanted on Christmas Eve.  We didn't take any on Christmas morning because Wade's parents video taped the whole thing (and Harper napped through much of it).  So, here is Harper's First Christmas:

Poor sicky baby!  You can see her little runny nose!

Such a beautiful baby!

We don't do Santa, but these jammies (from Grammie and Grampie) are so cute on her!

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Jill said...

oh she looks so happy!! that's been going around...the flu or something. you reminded me to get my flu niko is 15 months old and he'd rather eat the paper than unwrap it :) LoL...