Thursday, December 23, 2010

This Past Week...

...has been hellacious.  It's gone something like this:

Last Thursday: Final class of the semester.  Yay!

Friday: A bit of cleaning.  Dinner for a family member's graduation.  This night, I started noticing that my whole body was aching.  Hmm?  Could I be getting sick?

Saturday: Graduation ceremony.  I was really starting to not feel well.  Mom, dad, Harper, and I tried to do a bit of shopping but had to leave early because I just didn't have it in me to walk around.  Went back to their house where I slept for 3 hours straight (thank you grandparents for watching Harper!) and discovered that night that  I had the stomach flu.  My parents were gracious enough to let me stay at their house in their bed since there was no way I was walking home.  Or moving out of bed for that matter. 

Sunday:  Still sick.  Wade's mom and sister came into town.  I stayed at my parent's until mid-day (watching the Colts...yay for a win!) and then went home feeling pretty good.  I was able to visit for a few hours, but wound up getting sick again that night.

Monday:  Worse day of sickness.  Hadn't eaten for two days.  Couldn't get out of bed without feeling like I was going to pass out.  Thankfully I have been surrounded by so many people who could watch Harper (who was also a bit sicky herself!).  My poor mom even got sick but came to help me with Harper.  Absolutely miserable day.

Tuesday:  Started to feel better!  Finally!  Moved around more.  Harper was started to act better as well, thankfully!  Didn't do much of anything on this day.

Wednesday:  Finally human again!  I was able to clean and get dressed and eat!  Hallelujah! I wouldn't wish this kind of sickness on my worst enemy.

I was so worried that I would be zombie-like for Christmas (and my birthday!) but I think I'll be okay!  Now I'm just hoping that I didn't infect anyone else!  As you can see, there is a lack of pictures in this post, though I know you can all understand why!  There will be plenty of cuteness to share after the holidays. Oh the dresses I have planned for Harper to wear!  Today will be spent wrapping and organizing.  Tomorrow we will celebrate at my parent's house by eating wonderful food prepared by my dad and opening gifts.  Christmas day we will open our gifts with Wade's family at our house and then go to my parent's for my birthday dinner.  This is really a special year!  Harper's first Christmas and both sides of our family celebrating together!  It's really wonderful.

Wishing you all happy, safe, and loving holidays!

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