Friday, January 28, 2011

Corners from my home

(My post from earlier was supposed to be yesterday's post.  We had such a lazy, relaxing day that I just didn't get around to publishing it.  Oops!)

This is my new (old) favorite piece of furniture in our home:
(For the life of me I couldn't get a good shot of this.  It's very cloudy out, yet bright because of the snow.  I took pictures with lights on, off, flash, no flash.  This is, sadly, the best picture I got.  It'll have to do, though it doesn't do it justice!)

Ah, my Barrister Bookcase (and yes, it does need to be capitalized!  It's THAT important).  I have been dreaming about one for quite some time now, but have never been lucky enough to find one at a decent price (and they are pricey to say the least!)  Lo and behold, this was my Christmas/birthday gift from Wade.  Can I admit that I burst into tears when I "opened" it?  I say "opened" because the only way of concealing this massive bookcase was to cover it in sheets secured with heavy books.  A dream come true, I tell you.  Slowly it's being filled with books (I have 16 on their way here, 14 of which are for ONE of my classes.  Yikes) with the bottom shelve dedicated to children's books.  I love love love this bookcase.  It was such a present from his heart (seriously, he was going to MAKE one of these for me.  Alas, the tools he needed far exceeded the price for an antique one) and it was definitely a surprise!  Thanks again, my love :0)

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