Sunday, August 29, 2010

5 Months

Sweet Baby Harper,
    Wow.  Five months old!  You've had five months of kisses, hugs, giggles, slobbers, smiles.  And that's just part of the good stuff!  You're all about eating your toes and hands and everyone's faces.  You're able to push yourself up when you're on your belly and push yourself around.  No crawling yet, though you're dying to go places.  You've got two bottom teeth that are trying to pop out.  They're already a little above your gum line.  I'm nervous what that means for our nursing relationship.  You're getting better about sitting up alone, but not quite there yet.  You love love love to stand up and to have us "walk" you around.  If we would do it all day you would be the happiest baby ever.  You're big on giggling and smiling.  You really get going when there are dogs around.
   You're eating all kinds of foods, but you're still nursing a lot.  You weighed over 17 pounds at your last appointment two weeks ago.  You've been drinking out of our glasses (usually water, sometimes tea) but you're not too sure about your own cups.  You're still sleeping well at night; usually just two or three sleep-feeds.  You don't take as many or as long of naps during the day.  You're down to two, maybe three, naps a day.  Every so often you'll get a good two or three hour one in, but usually they're only an hour.  You're not very good at laying down to sleep, mostly you nap in your swing.  But I'm trying to get you to lay down more during the day.  You don't have a problem laying down at night to sleep so I find it odd that you won't during the day.
  You're doing really well with your hands now, too.  Nothing is sacred when it's within your reach!  I think you're a much happier baby now that you can grab things.  You also love when we sign to you.  It's so incredibly adorable when you try to sing with us! 
   You've really grown so much in the last month!  It's so amazing!  One day I look at you and the next you're a different baby!  I really and truly love you more and more each day.  I can't wait to see what the next month will bring!

We love you with all of our hearts, forever and ever!
Momma and Daddy

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