Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Harper and I woke up to dark skies and thunder followed by lots of rain.  It is now ridiculously humid and hot outside so we must stay indoors.  It has been the perfect day to laze around doing nothing.  Especially since I did a full house cleaning Sunday night.  So we stayed in bed until 11:30 after her morning nap.  I talked myself into taking a shower while she was playing in the pack and play.  And then we did a little dress-up photo shoot (even though my camera was dying so the pictures aren't the greatest).  I put Harper in a dress that I wore at her age that my mom had saved.  Here are just some of the (many) pictures I took:

Good grief.  She's just too cute for words!  And now I'm off to cuddle with my little love bug for the rest of the day! 


Anonymous said...

Awwww..she does look just like her mommy in that dress. What a cutie. Give her a kiss from Grampie.

jill said...

she IS so cute! and looks like she is loving wearing her mommy's old dress!