Friday, August 20, 2010

Moments I Treasure

For the past few nights, Wade, Harper, and I have been sitting downstairs watching movies until we're ready for bed.  It's a nice way to wind down and spend some quiet time together.  Well, it's not always quiet, per se.  Harper is starting to cut teeth and has been whiney quite a lot lately - especially at night. 

We were spending our evening on the couch last night, me holding Harper and trying to keep her entertained.  For the longest time she was licking my left shoulder, cooing and staring at the quilt on the couch.  She was being adorable, like always, and I begged Wade to run upstairs to get my camera.  I asked him to take pictures of her looking all cute and whatnot.

My husband, God love him, is apparently not very good with my camera.  He did not get one good shot of her.  They all came out looking something like this:
Unfortunate, but he did get a couple of cute shots of me holding her:

{This is her gnawing on my shoulder.  Whatever makes her happy, right?}
{And her "talking" to the quilt.  Not sure why I'm grinning like that?}

Maybe for our next family couch night I'll teach Wade how to work the camera :0)

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jill said...

what a sweet post. ryan is horrible with our camera too. and i hate that i never seem to be able to capture a moment in a picture the way i actually see it. its close, but never quite there.