Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Harper's New Trick

Before we left for vacation, my parents expressed concern regarding Harper.  They said when we returned she wouldn't look the same.  It's true.  She changes in some way, either big or small, everyday.  When we came home her (crazy) hair was a little longer and blonder and she had fattened up (but that's to be expected when she was eating or comfort nursing every 2 hours).

But she also learned something new: blowing raspberries with her mouth.  I'm not sure how or where she picked up this ridiculously cute, albeit gross, new trick, but she learned it nonetheless.  And I think she's pretty darn proud of herself, too.  She'll CooCooCooAhhhhAhhhSPITSPITSPITAhhhAhh right in your face.  Seriously.  It's super cute.

What's even cuter (maybe only to me, though!) is that she's started to do this while nursing.  Granted, it's not so easy to raspberry with a boob in your mouth, but she tries anyway.  She Coos and Ahhs and Raspberries at the end of her nursing with my boob in her mouth.  Kind of like she's saying thank you for filling my tummy! Oh, Motherhood!  How you make me think so differently!

{This is actually a picture of Harper mid-raspberry}

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