Monday, February 7, 2011

Decoding Harper Speak

(I wanted to thank everyone who has recently talked to me or messaged me to let me know they read this little blog and that they like it!  I really appreciate feedback like that.  I honestly believed that no one, save for a few family members, read it, but I guess that's not the case at all!  It's comments like those that keep me going so THANK YOU ALL!)
My mom and I were having a conversation this morning that went something like this:
Me: "So I read somewhere that if your older baby wants to nurse ALL.THE.TIME. especially at night, they might just be thirsty.  Do you think this would work for Harper?"
Mom: "I think she is thirsty because she tells me when she sees a drink and then she drinks a ton so guess have a sippy ready for her at all times."
Me: Well, I guess she has been telling us when she wants a drink.  She just came up to me and said "duh duh" and I gave her water and that's what she wanted!  I think when she wants milk she says "kuh kuh."
Mom: "Yep. I think she's been telling us but we didn't know what she wanted."

So all of this time that she's been saying she wants a drink, I just force her to drink milk.  (Well, I say force but she rarely refuses to nurse).   Even in an earlier post I thought "tuh" meant milk.  I was wrong :0(  She has been saying more and more "words" lately, which I also mentioned in that post.  I honestly didn't know that babies starting talking this soon so I'm amazed (and no I don't think she's a genius child or anything.  Just brilliant!  HA!)  I guess the moral of this story is I need to brush up on my baby-word-decoding skills so I'm not neglecting my child's needs! :0)

Am I the only momma out there that has had this happen to them?  Please tell me I'm not alone!

P.S. For anyone wondering, I'm not trying to wean Harper, but she nurses constantly.  She does probably every 2-4 hours during the day.  At night it varies, but lately it's been every 1-3 hours.  I would like it if maybe I could have a little more sleep some nights! (That's not selfish right?!)


Jill said...

my son was thirsty...and my breast milk wasn't "refreshing" as a glass of water. that's the 1st step to weaning, by the way :) when they get so thirsty.

Jill said...

my son weaned about a month ago...little over a month ago. 2 months ago?? oh boy, my memory is gone!!

he's 17 months now. it was sad!! he just slaps it like a balloon and laughs. he just stopped nursing...just like that :( i miss it!!

but my boobs are smaller again!! I LOVE not having 2 basketballs on my chest! LOL

Courtney Lockerby said...

Jill - I was afraid she might be starting the weaning process. Sad to think we may only have a few more months of nursing!

Sarah @ said...

My daughter drinks water like a camel. It's ridiculous. But she also still nurses 2-ish times a day at 18 months, so there's hope yet! But I do agree with Jill that drinking tons of water is the first step. Char began drinking from a cup around 10-11 months, but it wasn't until she stepped up the volume of water around 14 months that she significantly decreased the amount of my milk she was interested in.

I can't believe how adorable she is, by the way! =)

Oh, and also, I get my kid wrong all the time. All. The. Time.

Hayden said...

I LOVE those little chunky arms!! So cute!

Courtney Lockerby said...

Sarah - Ah, yes there is hope! I would really like to nurse her at least until 18 months so we'll see!

Hayden - Yes! That's why I included that pic. I just want to nibble on her! haha