Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Storm

We're in the midst of a pretty serious storm right now.  Monday and Tuesday left us with a good amount of ice, making travel near impossible.  All the universities, colleges, schools, business, etc. were closed.  

We lost power around 11:30 pm on Monday evening (we're still without as I write this at 3:30 pm on Tuesday) and are told there's no certain time for it to be remedied. 

My parents, Wade, Harper, and I made our way to my brother and his girlfriend's place where they still had power.  More ice and snow are in our forcast.  

Our plans are to snuggle in, eat some comfort foods, watch movies/read books/play, and wait out the storm.

Hoping the weather is treating you well wherever you are!


Hayden said...

I love you all, but I am glad to have my house back. And I'm sure you are happy to be home too.

Courtney Lockerby said...

I don't blame you at all! It was fun while it lasted, though!