Thursday, February 3, 2011

10 Months

Sweet Baby Harper,
   A few days ago you turned 10 months old.  In case you don't know, that's only two months away from 12 months.  Twelve months is the same as one year.  ONE.  YEAR.  In all of my life I have never had a year fly by as quickly as this one has.  I could go on and on about how sad that makes me and how fast you're growing up already, but I won't.  All parents know that babies grow  up too fast; that the time we have is fleeting when it comes to children.  Instead I want to say how much I have enjoyed each and every millisecond with you.  We've come a long way since your colic-y days, your can't-hold-your-head-up days, and your can't-stand-on-my-own days.  We're fast approaching your talking/walking/running/I-can-do-everything-myself days.  And I am so excited to see you grow in every way.

    These days you're all about:

:: Talking - Yes.  Actual words!  "Hi!" "Hot!" "Brr" (which means cold to you) "Mama" "Dada" "Doug" (which means dog) and then you try to say words like "Milk" (which you say "tuh"), "Bird" and "Mickey."

::  No Clothes - You'd much rather be stark naked than wear clothes.  This is especially true when it comes to socks (or even being under a blanket).  Clothes are restricting and you hate to be restricted in any way.

::  Food - You have yet to meet a food you don't like.  And there's no point to baby food for you, for the most part.  You're still mainly eating (solid) foods from our plates (which is why we eat healthier, or at least Momma does!).  And you're still nursing, of course.  I don't forsee you giving that up any time soon!

::  Moving/Playing - You love to be pushed around on your ridey (well, that's what we call your little scooters), to be swung around, to play peekaboo (especially hiding behind furniture or walls), and you love toys that move (although we don't have many of those, you do love them). 

::  Music/Singing - These are two things you have always loved, but you are really starting to love music and hear it everywhere.  When you do hear it, you clap your hands or bounce up and down (what we consider dancing!  love.this.)  We have you in a Kindermusik class and you love it!  Or more specifically, you LOVE the teacher.  You have your eyes fixed on her AT ALL TIMES.  Because you absolutely love for someone to sing to you and anyone who does you immediately love.

::  Books/Reading - I have been reading to you since I was pregnant and we haven't stopped since!  You are starting to pick up books and sit on our laps which means "Read to me!"  You sit still for one to two books, which is wonderful!  And you're getting much better about not ripping books to shreds.  You especially love pulling books off the bookcases.  You could probably do this for hours.

::  Helping - with laundry and dishes and vacuuming and mopping.  You just love to be in the midst of whatever "action" is going on.

::  Kisses - Oh yes.  Lots and lots of kissing.  For Mama, Daddy, Gramie and Grampie, dogs, babies, books.  You name it, it gets kissed.  *swoon*

Let's just say there's a lot going on with you.  This is an extremely fun stage in your development.  I am so thankful and overjoyed that I get to be your Momma and spend everyday with you!

We love you always and forever, with all of our hearts!

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