Monday, March 21, 2011


I like to keep things light, fun, and positive around here.
 So I won't go into details about how I feel ridiculously stressed right now between home (keeping up on it and remodeling a bathroom, which equals money which equals stress) and school (too many things due, not enough time, and classes that aren't being offered next semester, thereby extending how long it will take for me to finish my degree) and the inner turmoil I face trying to keep this family (and our environment) healthy (by researching chemicals, additives, hormones, and other crap this is added to our food, personal and house products, toys, etc.  Suffice it to say I'm overwhelmed!)
 I also won't burden you by saying that I've been feeling so stressed that I cried this morning over pancakes.  Pancakes, people.  I literally felt like a failure because I couldn't get those damn things to cook (either they burned or they took forever) so I had to resort to making Wade an egg and cheese sandwich to take to work instead of making him delicious, maple covered pancakes.  Woe is me, right?!
But I will tell you that I love that little girl more than life itself, that that little baby girl is only 8 DAYS away from being ONE (more stress? yes), and that I wish you all a very non-stressful, beautiful SPRING day to your week!

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