Friday, March 11, 2011

She Takes After Her Father

So Harper has been all about this puzzle lately
 She loves all things animal so this was one of the few Christmas presents we bought her. I've been practicing animal names and sounds with her for a couple of months, but I just thought she might be too young to answer back.  Until last night.  We were playing before bed time with the puzzle and so I asked her, "What sound does a sheep make?"
 and she said, "Baa"
Can you tell from these two pictures she's saying "Baa?" cause otherwise there's no reason for me to have posted them.
 which totally caught me off guard.  So there I was thinking, My child is a genius!  What a brilliant girl!  No one else's child is as gifted as mine!  And I got so confident in her abilities that I emphatically asked her, "What sound does a cow make?" 
 and she said
I'll be getting this look for the next 20 years or so

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