Thursday, March 17, 2011

First 2011 Park Visit!

Yesterday was the perfect day for a park outing.  Harper is still a bit too small for the playground equipment, save for the swings (which is one reason why I have no pictures of her at the playground.  That and I forgot to take my camera there with me) so we mostly walked around.  All Harper wanted to do was play with (or eat) the rocks around the picnic tables, hence why so many pictures are of her there.  She wasn't interested in the water or the geese, which surprised me.  But all in all we had a really good time and she fell asleep in the sling while I walked around.

Notes: First, there is a fence behind Harper in some of the pictures.  This isn't because we live in a high-crime area, but rather because there's a pool on the other side.  Second, I took the picture of her sleeping in her carseat while we were stopped by a train.  I do not condone picture taking while driving.  That is all.

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Adventures of Roger, Trudy, Ali and Kynedy said...

Harper is so beautiful, and growing so fast!! Glad you made it out to enjoy the day!