Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Know How Chambermaids Felt

We bought Harper a potty chair a couple of months back.  I kept it in the bathroom for the most part.  Whenever Momma needed to potty, Harper got to sit on her potty.  Eventually I did some research on elimination communication and whatnot, but didn't follow it precisely.  I just decided to let Harper go diaper-free from time to time.  Now that it's getting warmer out, she can go diaper-free without me worrying about messes on the floor in the house.  Yay for nature!
 Yesterday was the first day (evening and nighttime not included because I had class) that she did not go in a diaper.  She went in the potty in the morning (she's an early morning pooper, by the way), I let her play in the raised beds naked until nap time.  When she woke up from her nap she was dry and so I put her on her potty.  Within a couple of minutes she had peed in it.  I let her go diaper free the rest of the day, during which time she pooed again and peed twice in the potty.  I was overjoyed.  Not only because my little baby was using a potty, but also because I didn't have to change a single poopy diaper!  Amazing!
 We're shooting for the same kind of day today.  So far it's worked just as well.  I just put her on there after naps, after nursing or eating/drinking, and when she toots (TMI, anyone?).  She likes sitting on there and seems to know what to do.  She usually goes within a few minutes of sitting on there.  I wait a couple of more minutes until I'm sure she's done and then take her off.  Usually I clap my hands cause she loves that and then we empty the potty seat (hence the reason for the title of this post.  Ahem.)  This just might be the first steps in potty training her.  I'm trying to push it on her, but rather going at a slow pace so she gets used to it and starts to associate "wake up from nap, potty; eat, potty."  Thankfully I have had to stayed home due to school related things so there's no need to leave and we can focus on this instead.
 She looks proud of herself, doesn't she?

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