Friday, July 2, 2010

Three Months

It's been three months since Harper made her way into this world.  THREE MONTHS.  I have never had 90 days fly by so fast in my life.  I've watched her morph from a little sleeping/eating/pooping bundle to a partially rolling over/smiling/cooing/sometimes laughing-out-loud baby!  Here's a little summary of little Harper Leigh so far:
:: This kid is ready to be mobile.  She moves her arms and legs frantically when she's on her belly as if she could take off at any moment.  She LOVES to stand up and sit up.  She's not one for laying down.
:: She has rolled from her back to her front three times.  This morning she even moved her left arm from underneath herself so she could be on her belly completely.
:: She wants to grab everything and gnaw on it - faces, hands (especially her own, which are always in her mouth), glasses.  She can't reach out and grab anything, but she does move towards things with her mouth open.
:: She has become VERY observant lately.  She loves watching dogs, people eating, and mobiles.
:: Her favorite song is The Wheels on the Bus.  This is the ONLY song that will get her to stop crying in her carseat.  There have been many outings that have resulted in us listening to this ridiculously annoying song OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  But it makes her happy so I grin, bear it, and sing along.
:: I think she's going through a phase where she wants me all the time.  She doesn't like to lay down to sleep (unless it's at night with me) or even sleep in her swing, which she normally does without a problem.  I love it to be honest.
:: Speaking of sleep - it's getting better.  Slowly.  She's had more good nights than bad.  She's been getting fussy between 8 and 9, then ready for bed by 10.  I'll nurse her, she coos and talks, I pop the binky in and she's out.  If it's a bad night I have to swaddle/swing/bounce her to sleep.
:: She gives me the BIGGEST smile ever when I say "OHMYGOODNESS" to her.
:: While she can still wear 0-3 month clothes, 3-6 months seem to be fitting better.  My baby's a chunker!

These have been the most incredible three months of my life.  I love this little girl so very much!

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