Friday, July 9, 2010

A Day In the Life of Harper Leigh

8:15 am - I wake up hungry!  Silly Momma forgot to put her camera next to the bed so she didn’t get a nursing in the morning photo!

8:30 am - Time for a diaper change and to get my clothes on!

8:40 am - It’s story-time!  Today we read “The Rainbow Fish” and I love looking at the shiny scales!  (I also get another diaper change ‘cause that’s how I am in the morning!)
9:00 am - Momma and I have play time!  I sit on her lap and she sings me songs like “Patty Cake” and “Little Bunny Fufu.”  I love songs with hand gestures!  Then I sit in my Bebe Pod because I think I’m a big girl!

9:30 am - It’s time for my mid-morning snack before going in my swing!  I love to sit in my swing!  I do this so Momma can eat breakfast and shower! 

11:30 am - Momma changes my diaper and clothes.  Then I get a little snack before we head out the door!  Today we’re having lunch with Grammie and some of her co-workers!

2:00 pm - After a long day of being out (and yet another clothes change!) I am worn out!  Momma and I cuddle while I nurse and then it’s time for a nap!

5:00 pm - I’m ready for another diaper change!  Momma loves to take my picture while I’m on the changing pad!  Sometimes I like to smile for her, but usually I just stare at the big camera!

 6:30 pm - Time for more nursing and another nap!

9:00 pm - Momma wakes me up (nurses me!) and we go to Grammie and Grampie's so I can say goodnight!  It's been a long day!

10:00 pm -  I get to say goodnight to Daddy and get my jammies on!

10:15 pm - Time to crawl into bed!  One more nursing and then I'll be sleeping!


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, what a sweetie!!

Courtney Lockerby said...

Thank you, Jennifer!

jill said...

oh i love this! i havent done one since corbin was three months!

Courtney Lockerby said...

Jill - It was so much fun! I'll have to do another one next month and hopefully get more pictures of her smiling! She was rather grumpy this day! BTW, I loved the one you did of Corbin. Completely adorable!