Friday, July 23, 2010

This Week

This past week has been a flurry of activity with, sadly, very few pictures to show for it.  Here are just a few of the things that kept me from writing:

::Last Friday and Saturday were normal...slumber party at my parents, usual running around, same ol' fun!

::Sunday was spent cleaning the ENTIRE house and doing laundry and trying to keep Harper happy so I could do both of those things

::Sunday was also the day my in-laws came into town.  It was late when they arrived, Harper wasn't having a very good day, and so bedtime was exhausting.

::Monday was spent catching up, cooking out, and staying indoors/out of the rain!

::Tuesday was pretty much like Monday.  Good food and good company!

::Wednesday was my husband's birthday so he chose the activities and food for the day.  We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and a local BBQ place for dinner.  He also wanted homemade apple pie, blackberry pie, and jalapeno poppers so I spent a few hours making those.  A very good day!

::They left yesterday morning.  I met my mom for lunch, cleaned when I got home, then went to my parents and joined them for dinner since they had company.

And that was my week, more or less.  Harper had a pretty good week.  She's starting to giggle more, play with her toes, and she's getting really good with her hands!  She also started "talking" a little bit more this week.  I sing her this one silly song and she starts to sing with me!  I love it!

I hope everyone has a lovely and relaxing weekend!

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