Monday, June 7, 2010

The Day of No Naps

On a typical day, Harper averages 3-4 naps before bedtime. If it's a growth spurt kind of day she's apt to have around 5 or more.

Today was not either of those kinds of days.

We started off our morning as usual: nursing in bed, talking and smiling while getting dressed, and swing time while I brush my teeth and whatnot. This is usually when Harper takes her morning nap (and Momma showers). She was all about the smiles and cooing instead. So I held onto her a little while longer and decided to go next door to my parent's house since my father was home. I figured she'd be tuckered out by then and sleep (cause I needed a shower!). So Grampie played with Harper while I got myself all good and cleaned. And just as I was finishing drying my hair I heard Harper pretty much screaming. My dad was trying his best to calm her, but nothing was working. This is not normal Harper behavior. So, Momma to the rescue! I tried nursing her, but she wanted nothing to do with that. I brought her back to our house where I laid down with her in our bed, nursed her twice (I knew she was hungry!), and then she wanted to talk and coo and play once again. Who am I not to oblige her in this, I ask? I tried her swing once more, but she was SO SMILEY I couldn't in good conscience keep her there. So I decided to do what any other Momma would do when her baby doesn't want to sleep:

We had an impromptu photo session. As you can see, my baby is sleepy. VERY SLEEPY. Yet she's still awake (that's what she does best!).

Also, she didn't like the bunny ears. But what do I care, right? Cause she looks so goshdarn ADORABLE in them. She can pay me back when she's a teenager.

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