Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Different Kind of Night

Getting Harper to go to sleep has been a bit of a challenge. So is keeping her asleep. She fights it with every fiber of her being. According to my mom, I was the exact same way. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Harper has been staying awake for longer periods of time which is truly wonderful. During these times she's alert, smiling, cooing, and always observing. This child LOVES to be outside. When the rocking/bouncing doesn't soothe her enough to get her to sleep, going outside usually will. Thank goodness it's fairly warm out! So, after nursing her around 6:30 or 7:00 last night, I got her all bundled up (so much for warm weather today!)...
Mom and I walked longer than normal just to make sure Harper was asleep. And she was for about 45 minutes. Then she was WIDE awake. But last night there was no crying. no wailing. no screams. She was a "normal" baby last night. She stayed up with Wade and I from about 8:30-10 just hanging out. Around ten, she got a little fussy, but cuddled up on me and passed out. UNTIL 9:30 this morning! She only woke up to nurse at 2:30 and then again at 7:30. Unbelievable! I was so impressed and so excited that my baby is finally learning how to calm down. How to just relax and enjoy everything. And when she woke up this morning she was FULL of smiles. If she keeps that up, I don't know how I'll stop my heart from bursting. Seriously.


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