Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Happy Grinch Heart

There's a scene in The Grinch where he hears the Whos singing joyfully even after he's snatched up all their gifts and he realizes what the true spirit of Christmas really is. And at that moment his heart grows so much it breaks the gold measuring tool.

That is how my heart felt last night.

After a busy day of getting a bath, lunch with Gramie, and a visit to Aunt D's, Harper was pretty spent. We napped together in the afternoon, visited the grandparents next door where we took a walk and she quickly fell asleep (this little girl LOVES her some nature. It's ridiculously sweet). We got back to our home around 10:30 and I put her in her swing to help her sleep some more. She lasted about 5 minutes in there and I thought to myself, Oh no it's going to be a long night! I picked her up, cradled her on my lap in my arms so she looked like a Buddha Baby and, believe it or not, she was perfectly content. I knew I was pressing my luck, but after a few minutes of sitting like this I decided to lay down on the couch with her on my chest. Slowly I slid down and I started giving her a little baby massage on her back. And she went out like a light. I couldn't believe it! No fuss. No cries. No wimpers.

And my heart grew in that moment.

These are the quiet, sweet memories I hope to cherish forever.This sweet baby girl has stolen my heart.

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