Thursday, April 26, 2012

Harper's Chickens.

Harper is all about The Ladies.  She wakes us up in the morning begging us to see the chickens.  We can't go two hours without her pleading to "hold kickens," as she calls them.

 Last week we let them out in their tractor for the first time and Harper (like the chickens) was in heaven.  She sat in the tractor with them for a long time.  She fed them and petted them and let them run all run her.  It was free babysitting for me!  Ha!  But seriously, I got to do the dishes quickly and sweep the kitchen floor!  I'd forgotten that those are simple chores that can be completed in less than 10 minutes without a little helper.  Unfortunately, I did these chores instead of taking pictures of her in the tractor, but I'm sure that once the weather stays warm I'll snap some of her in there.

Everyone loves The Ladies.

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