Friday, March 2, 2012

Home Again

We made it home late Tuesday evening...just in time for me to go to class (I know, I know!  I am a model student)(who actually only read one part of her reading assignment).  It was a pretty fantastic trip.  We did lots and lots of walking: around Seaport Village, the Gaslamp Quarter, the San Diego Zoo, and a day and a half at Disneyland.  And so because I'm a bit lazy, I'll just do a little synopsis of each thing we did:

Wednesday night: got to our hotel around 11:30 pm and passed.out.

Thursday: spent the day walking around Seaport Village looking at the shops, eating, walking some more in the Gaslamp Quarter (which would be a really awesome place for a date night...they have rooftop restaurants and bars!), and then promptly passing.out

Friday: Met up with Sarah and Charlotte at the zoo.  We saw some animals, petted a couple, watched the girls climb on everything, and did a lot of talking.  It was a really terrific time and I hope we get to meet up again with them in the not too distant future!  

Saturday: Harper and I did A LOT of walking this day.  All I wanted was a pair of flow-y pants.  I didn't think it would be too hard to find a pair since we were near beaches and water.  I guess I was wrong.  So we spent all day walking and looking for a stupid pair of pants for me to wear on a yacht that my mom's work invited us on.  I was to meet her at 5:00 and I finally found some pants at like 3:00.

Sunday: Took the train to Anaheim, checked into Paradise Pier Hotel and went to Disneyland for the first time.  Harper was amazed!  She was just in awe of all the Mickey Mouse.  I swear she pointed out every shirt, hat, sign, or building that had him on it.  She was star-struck when she met Tinkerbell (who was totally awesome and did an excellent job in character).  She loved It's a Small World, the tea cups, and Dumbo.  Depsite the fact that Disneyland is tiny compared to Disney World, it was fun experience overall.

Monday: Spent part of the day at California Adventure, but since most of the park was closed for renovation, there wasn't much to do.  The Aladdin play was pretty fabulous and definitely worth the ticket price (although Harper slept through the whole thing).  We weren't terribly upset when it started raining and we had to go catch our train back to San Diego.

Get ready for picture overload!  These are just a few snapshots I took (if we're friends on Facebook you got to see some of these and more, you lucky devils!)

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