Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Celebrating (almost) Spring

I think it has been a crazy winter for just about everyone no matter where you live, no?  We've had a very warm winter, to say the least, and I know I've mentioned that in previous posts.  Today didn't start out particularly warm and sunny, which was unfortunate for the walk we took.  But it ended up being a very lovely day!  We were in the 70s with sunny, blue skies this afternoon and we took advantage of it!  

I threw open the doors and windows, then we promptly went out of doors for the rest of the day!  Harper has always been an outdoors kind of girl and I'm all about enhancing her love of it.  

We closed our eyes and listened for sounds we could hear.  

We watched the birds fly and the bugs crawl.  

We wandered the yard with bare feet and realized how soft they are (time to start toughening them up, I guess!).  
(Cloth diapers are unflattering when viewed from this angle, apparently.)

We spread a blanket on the ground and relaxed.  

We slid down the slide and swung high on the swings.  
"'moochies" from my love

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.