Monday, June 20, 2011

Harper at 14 Months

I know it's not necessary to say that I've always loved (and always will love) Harper.  The moment I got two pink lines, I loved the little ball of cells that she was.  But this love I have for her is ever changing, ever growing.  Each day I find something new to love about her.  Each day I see something that wasn't there before and my heart grows a little bit more.  I've loved every stage of her life so far: the newborn, the colic, the hold-me-all-the-time, the crawler, and the walk-between-everything stage.  But out of all the stages she's been through, the one she's in now is my favorite.  She is so much fun.  She's constantly learning, mimicking, repeating, discovering, laughing, and loving.  She's into imaginative play (giving stuffed animals or babies her binkie, sippy cup, or food and rocking them to sleep.  Love.)  She's trying to put on and take off her clothes.  She knows pretty much everything we're saying to her (like trying to take off her clothes when MiMi asked her if she wanted to take a bath).  She still loves music and dances all the time (we call it "dancey, dancey feet!")  She rubs our heads and says "kay-zee!" for "Crazy, crazy hair!"  She tries to put on shoes (which she calls "shoo-zies").  She can mimic animal sounds.  She can point to her eyes, ears, mouth, nose, eyes, hands, toes, and head.  She says "mah-mah" (more more) for food and "dee!" for drink.  She loves outside and swimming and playing with dogs.  She sits on Charlie (our English bulldog) and says "go go go" like she's on a horse.  She covers her mouth when she burps, trying to say "excuse me," and says thank you in her own sort of way.  She likes to be scared and loves hide and seek or peekaboo.  

It's amazing to watch her develop.  She's an amazingly smart little girl (gah! no longer a baby!)  I (try to) say that not with a mother's bias or without trying to brag, honestly.  I'm so proud of her and so deeply in love with her.  I still get all emotional at least once a week over how much I just completely love her.  I look at her and can't believe that I have such a beautiful daughter.  Yes, I've always loved her, but oh how much fun we're having now!

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