Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just Rollin Around My Head...

Here are just some random thoughts/things from this week:

- There's this song on one of Harper's music class c.d.'s.  They sing something about "I met a man and old was he, Old Man I said, Where do you live?  I live in clapping/twirling/stomping land, Come follow me and live with me in clapping/twirling/stomping land."  I am completely weirded out by this song.  Some old man telling children to come live with him where all they do is clap/twirl/stomp...all things kids love to do???  Creeper.

- Speaking of music class: I'm just so awful in social situations.  I just want to stand up and tell everyone that I'm not a freak or rude.  I just suck at making conversation with people I'm not well acquainted with.  I always wind up leaving that class feeling like a total failure.  I never know what to say and when I do say something it's all wrong.  I suck.

I suck at life but she really is awesome.

- We (as in me and PaHayden bwhaha!) went to Oliver Winery over the weekend.  First, the "tour" of the place can barely be called that.  It's a small factory so you walk like 15 feet and it's over.  However, the "tour" guide seemed to know her stuff and seemed like someone I'd hang out with (she should be so lucky!).  Second, it took a lifetime for someone to give us our samples.  Unimpressed.  Third, the samples were super small.  But the wine was all delish (save for the blackberry that I thought I was going to love. boo.) and I got myself a wine glass that I christened Ollie (cause it has Oliver Winery written on it.  Clever, I know) and I will only drink OW out of it.  Really cause that's the only wine I ever drink.
Me and Hayden.  I look fine in this pic, but it doesn't do justice to my dress.  It's really fabulous, I swear. 

- I ran a complete mile without stopping this morning.  Laugh, joke, mock all you want but it's seriously the first time in my life I've ever done that. And I wasn't even out of breath!  I feel super cool.   My goal is to get in shape so I can wear something like this next year: