Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Climbing Stage

Yep.  Harper's in the climbing-on-everything-every-minute-of-everyday-stage.  Some times it's cute and I'm amazed at her abilities.  Other times, like when she wants the laptop or to pull every item off the end table, it's not quite so cute.  I keep a very watchful eye on her while she climbing on the couch, footstool, chair, or any other object in her way and I've done a pretty darn good job of it.  Minus yesterday when she was climbing on the loveseat and didn't quite have a grip while climbing on a pillow and just kept sliding down.  Oops.  No tears or look of fear in her eyes and thankfully I caught her before she hit the floor.  She just got back up and kept climbing.

 All that work just for a phone.  She'll be using it before she can walk, I swear!  But my oh my, how time flies!


Kerry Schaffer said...

She is too smart!!!

Courtney Lockerby said...

She really is! Sometimes it's unbelievable that's she only one!