Monday, November 29, 2010

8 Months

Sweet Baby Harper,
    This past month has been a flurry of activity.  Here's just some of what has happened:
*You started crawling and I don't think you have stopped since.
*Your first Halloween.
*Your first Thanksgiving.
*As of three days ago you started waving hello/goodbye.  Or signing for milk.  Or motioning at things you want/like.  Either way, it's RIDICULOUSLY adorable. 
*You have started pulling yourself up on things and walking around furniture/people.
*You're getting your top four teeth, though only one has managed to push through the gum.  Poor thing.
*We picked out your first Christmas tree (and our first live tree as a family, too).
*You discovered tantrums.  Not cool.  But we're handling it as calmly as we can.
Big cheeser.  Waiting for her Thanksgiving food.

This is an incredibly fun age, let me tell you.  You smile almost constantly.  You're always giggling or "talking" no matter what you're doing.  You've started clapping your hands, but only when you get really excited.  You play now, which is so sweet.  You hold books and "read."  You play with baby dolls or blocks or house decorations, crinkle up your nose, and talk a string of vowels.  So.  CUTE.
You've also started trying to put on things.  Shirts.  Pants.  Blankets.  Daddy's (clean) boxers.  You pull these items up to your head and try with all your might to get them to go on.  I'm impressed.
This is the first month that you've paid attention to anything on the television.  Granted, that's mostly because I don't watch television during the day.  Mostly we listen to music.  But I got this Baby Einstein VHS at the library booksale for $1 and thought what the heck?  I don't think these type of movies will make you a genius.  They do, however, grab your attention for at least a minute at a time, long enough for me to use the bathroom or start a chore or do something before you see that I'm not near you.
Oh, and about separation.  You're okay if there's someone else in the room, but if it's just you and me, well, you have to be RIGHT. THERE. with me.  Which is fine.  I love that you want me all the time.  Unless I happen to break a glass and it shatters all over the kitchen floor (this morning) and I need you to play elsewhere.  Or if I need to shower (you do not like showers, by the way.  Tried that a couple of weeks ago).  You do not like the Pack 'N Play or vibrating seat or bouncy seat or jumparoo or walker.  Really anything that confines you is out of the question.  You're still okay with the wrap so I use that, but I don't like to use it often since you're so mobile now.
You're still nursing about the same amount of times, though you must be a champ because it doesn't take  you very long to gulp down several ounces.  Some nights you never wake up to eat and other nights it's every 2-3 hours.  Which means you're still sleeping right next to me.  I'm thinking of side car-ing your crib to our bed because you're a bit of a bed hog.  Oh, and you crawled right out of bed the other day.  I cried harder than you did.  You were just fine.  More scared than anything.  But I don't want that to happen ever again.  So we have to do something.
Harper, my love, you are the greatest thing to have ever happen to us.  You really complete our life and bring us more happiness and love than we ever thought possible.  There are so many moments where we just look at you and wonder what we did before you.  I know I've never loved so much before.  I've never smiled so much before.  And I know I've never kissed someone as much as I have you!  I can't wait to see what the next month brings for you!

We love you always and forever, with all of our hearts,
Momma and Daddy
Daddy,  Momma, and Harper on Thanksgiving Day at Grammie and Grampie's.


kbreints said...

She is darling! What a beautiful family.

Courtney Lockerby said...

Thank you!