Thursday, December 17, 2009

So This Is Love...


As cliche and over-used as this sounds, I honestly cannot put into words how I feel when I look at these pictures of OUR baby. WE created that beautiful little face! I can see my husband in that face. I can see me in that face. Yet she is her own person. Ah! It is so hard to wrap my brain around the fact that I AM CARRYING A CHILD. Just a couple of inches separates my hand from her. I can feel her move inside. I tear up at the thought of her. While she is still a mystery to us, we've been given this wonderful little sneak peak and I have fallen completely and utterly head-over-heels IN LOVE with this teeny, tiny little person all over again. These pictures have solidified everything. Yes, I know we're having a baby. And I can feel her kicks and punches, but actually seeing her, really and truly seeing what she looks like, there's no denying that. And the fact that she looks like both of us AT THE SAME TIME, I'm just in awe. I want to kiss those deliciously chubby cheeks and give her teeny little nose Eskimo kisses and feel her silky baby skin....I'm melting just thinking about it! Dear, sweet baby girl...we love you SO much already! And can't wait to meet you!

As for me, well, I got a bit of new yesterday at the doctor's. Apparently my cervix is measuring a bit short, which could put me at risk for premature labor. Eek! I go back next week for another ultrasound to see if things are staying the same or getting worse. Once we know that, we'll decide what to do next. Until then, I'm supposed to take it easy. But, since baby is 24 weeks, she's at the viability stage so I'm not quite as concerned. I'm still a bit nervous, but I am staying positive no matter what kind of news I get next week.

I also broke out into hives last night (still there today!) and I've been having some light-headedness, heart racing, and headaches. It's draining, but worth it for that sweet little face!

Now, how do I tell her to stay in there baking for a few more weeks?

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