Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 Weeks!

I am officially 5 weeks today! Only 245 days to go :0)
I talked to my nurse today and she said my numbers look great (over 9,700 in a little less than 48 hours!), but my progesterone is a little low. They like for it to be a minimum of 15 and my level is 12. So, she is calling out a prescription for a supplement. I also scheduled the first ultrasound! It's on August 18th at 2pm! I will be about 7 weeks then and so we should be able to hear a heartbeat and see our little bean! I'm so unbelievably excited!

Today I actually felt nauseous, enough to make me think I was on my way to getting sick and I got dizzy. Even drinking water made my stomach do flip-flops! But I managed to eat some Fruit Loops and they settled my stomach. So, I guess if I feel queasy again, food is the answer! If this baby is anything like Wade, that is! :0)

It's still a bit surreal, though making all these appointments is starting to make it all sink in. I came home yesterday to find gift bags and flowers on the dining room table! My parents bought us some really adorable onesies and bibs! (I will post the pictures when I get home from work). They are so sweet! I just can't believe those little clothes will be on our baby one day!

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