Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Girl.

I got to hold a 6-week-old baby the other night.  Holding her both satisfied my urge to have a baby and equally intensified how much I want another one.  But that's not why I'm writing now.  After the baby and her family left, it hit me full on just how big Harper is.  

Harper is non-stop, on the go all the time.  She can feed herself with spoons and forks and even last week learned how to open the refrigerator and brought me the half-gallon of chocolate milk.  She can now go into the bathroom, turn on the light, go potty, flush, wash her hands, and turn off the light when she's done (though she usually forgets to turn off the water).  She helps feed the dogs and water the garden and plants.  She can climb into her swing and buckle herself in.  She can put her sandals on herself and usually on the right feet.  Her make-believe play has gone to another level.  She's talking to her animals and babies and cars as if they were real people.  She's creating pretend situations out of real life experiences.  Her vocabulary is growing each and every day.  She learns songs so quickly and is remembering her favorite book and movie characters.  We went to the movies over the weekend to see Brave and she sat through the whole thing.  Oh and she's using the potty at least once a day and has started to tell  me when she needs to go.  She especially likes to potty while we are out in public.  She loves to swim and can even do so alone with her floaties.  She likes to help weed, wash dishes, do laundry, vacuum and mop, and make the beds.  She is always laughing or singing or talking.  She loves to jump and gallop and climb.  She loves to read stories and go for walks and eat popcorn.  She loves to ask questions and has just started to ask why? about everything.

She is in constant motion and is forever learning.  I know why my days are so full and why some days nothing gets done.  But it is all so beautiful and I am so lucky that I get to experience this all with her each and every day.  And as much as I would love to sit around staring at a new baby all day, I think I'll just chase around my crazy two-year old and love her a little bit more until then.

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