Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Friday.

It's been pretty quiet around here lately.  We've been spending most of our time outdoors playing, gardening, planting, caring for the chickens, and just enjoying the warm weather. I've been enjoying the break from school (although that's coming to an end soon).  I've caught up on some reading (I'm belated, but I have finally read The Hunger Games and am almost through Catching Fire), laundry, cleaning, and relaxing.  Harper is just growing and developing at an astonishing rate.  Her vocabulary has exploded over the past couple of weeks and she's talking in (almost) complete sentences.  She, as always, absolutely loves being outside as much as possible.  She's in a clingy, shy stage and a "mine" phase that we're working on.  We've had some trying days lately as she's testing her boundaries more and more, but as stressful as those days are, they're still the best days for me.  I've been doing a bit of part-time work at my aunt's business and helping her out by watching my 4 year-old cousin, Laila, so I'm still able to keep Harper with me.  Plus, she's getting some socializing in with someone more her age.  We have plans for camping, visiting the zoo and museums, and swimming as much as possible this summer.  I'm hoping my paper writing goes smoothly so that I am able to get as much out of this warm weather!
"No, you hold it, Momma."

Playing with Macie.

At the park.

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